Elevator Database Wiki
  • 1. Keep in mind that if you enter 2 words on the Wikia search (such as 1953 Otis), it seems that pages that have only one of these words in them will come up.
  • 2. This wiki can be searched with Google. Searching this wiki with Google has advantages and disadvantages. You can search this wiki with Google by typing:

"your search here" site:elevator-database.wikia.com

NOT including the quotes. The advantages of this are that if you type in two words, it seems to more often bring up pages with both of those words, instead of one of them. The disadvantages are the newest pages will likely have not been indexed yet by Google.

  • 3. If you want to search for an exact phrase (such as "1953 Otis") you can do this with Google by typing:

"your phrase here" site:elevator-database.wikia.com

including the quotes. However, keep in mind that some newer pages might not appear because Google hasn't indexed then yet.