Pondok Indah Office Tower 1 (formerly Wisma Pondok Indah) is an office building in the suburban area of Pondok Indah, in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

Building informationEdit


Elevator filming strategyEdit

  • Photography: Not allowed
  • Security level: High
  • Filming difficulty: Hard

Elevator specificationsEdit

Main article: Elevators in Pondok Indah Office Tower 1

There are six elevators in the building, all are Schindler.

  • Main elevators - four banks of elevators with Miconic 10 destination dispatch system. Each elevators are labelled A to D. Elevator D is a service elevator with rear entrance door that opens on the service area from G to 12.
  • Private elevators - two Schindler 5400 AP traction (mini machine room) elevators.