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This is a list of known confirmed rack & pinion driven elevators. Note that if an elevator is listed as unfilmed, it has not been filmed, and if it is not listed as unfilmed, it has been filmed. Note that this list is not complete. This list does not count temporary construction hoists.

United States[]

  • SlotZilla Zip Line, Las Vegas, NV (construction hoists used as permanent elevators)
  • Strands Beach, Dana Point, CA (very unusual inclined elevator with changing inclines)
  • Walkway over the Hudson State Park, Poughkeepsie, NY

United Kingdom[]

  • Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, United Kingdom (slightly inclined!)
  • Lakeside Shopping Centre, Essex, United Kingdom (no longer exists, no known videos of it exist)
  • Royal Victoria Dock Bridge, London, United Kingdom (2 banks of 2 elevators)
  • Southend Pier Hill Public Lifts, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom (possibly being modernized, if not completely replaced)