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This page is about the elevators in Ocean Financial Centre in Singapore.

Elevator specifications[]

Main elevators[]


  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Type: Passenger,destination dispatch
  • Number of elevator banks: 8(3 banks)
  • Year installed: 2010
  • Year commissioned: 2011
  • Floors served:1,3-17(Lobby A), 1,31-43(Lobby B), 1,18-30(Lobby C)
  • Drive type: Traction
  • Current maintenance company:Mitsubiahi


  • Accessibility for wheelchair: Good
  • Accessibility for impaired person: Good
  • Additional car operating panel for wheelchair: no
  • Braille on buttons: Yes
  • Automated voice guidance: Yes, in English

Additional information[]

  • Ranking: Very nice
  • Door type: Center opening
  • Exterior door system: Automatic
  • Inner door system: Automatic
  • Door safety system: Bumper and sensors
  • Hall floor indicator type: nil
  • Hall lanterns type: yes
  • Car floor indicator type: LCD/TV screen
  • Chimes/bells: Yes, electronic chimes
  • Usage for: Passenger
  • Current status: In service
  • Photography: not allowed
  • Filming difficulty: Easy
  • Trivia:
    • These are the first DOAS elevator installed in Singapore.
    • The speed for lobby B's elevators is 9.0m/s.