Hi! RailCarADDE (ADDEs Transporting Adventures) here!

This seems to be a nice feature, but I have some questions or some points I need to ask since it is very important to me.

"Photos that were taken by yourself should be tagged with CC-BY-SA-3.0"

Why? Cannot I use another license. I may have a reason to uploading a photo here but not want to let it be sued elsewere at all. I would like to use a license that tells users to not use my work without my written permission. I may have a reason of why I don't want to share my work and not use that license. Am I propihired to upload a picture that I don't want to be shareable?

"Do not be ruthless with copyright - in other words, do not hammer people on giving you credit. It is mean and annoying. "

But still, if they are using my own work without following the license or the agreement I made, then it is very important for me to take any means to correct this. it is my work, I decide what should be used on it, and I have the right on my side. That may include to keep reminding people or ask the administrators to correct the issue of users not using my work the way I want them to. Isn' that allowed then people can do whatever they want with other people's work within this wiki and the author would take the banner ham instead. That is just wrong!

--SummerADDE (talk) 18:59, August 1, 2014 (UTC)

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