stop hand This is not a place for you to freely vandalise!
Rather, this is a noticeboard for you to report vandalism to administrators.

​Welcome to the Administrators' Noticeboard for Vandalism!

​If there are any reports where a user has exceeded their final warning for vandalism or otherwise needs attention for blocks by administrators, place them here. An admin shall respond to it as quick as possible.

  • Note that when you report an incident here, your own behavior will also be scrutinized.
  • It is recommended to use {{subst:anv-report}} ~~~~ to report users here. Please explain what offences the user has commited, either by using the template, or by adding your own summary after the template, but before the ~~~~! For help using {{subst:anv-report}}, please read Template:Anv-report/doc.
  • If you cannot edit this page because it is protected, click here. Please include clearly that the report belongs to this noticeboard.

For help, see here.

​If you would like to contact an admin directly, please head to their talk page. Any member of the community can respond to messages left here.




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