Ayana Resort Jimbaran is a resort in Bali, Indonesia.

General information

Ayana Resort Jimbaran, as it's name suggest, is located in Jimbaran, on a cliff overlooking through the Indian Ocean. It was opened in 1996 as Ritz-Carlton Bali, but sometime in the 2000s the property changed hands after Ritz-Carlton no longer managed the resort and it was renamed to Ayana Resort Jimbaran.

The resort is divided into two wings; South and North.

In 2010, a new bar on top of a limestone cliff known as Rock Bar was opened. As the resort compound is located on the clifftop while the bar itself was built below the clifftop, an inclined elevator was installed to provide accessibility.

Building details

  • Name: Ayana Resort Jimbaran (formerly Ritz-Carlton Bali)
  • Type: Hotel/resort
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Construction ended: 1996
  • Photography: Allowed
  • Security level: Medium
  • Filming difficulty: Easy

Elevator details

Main article: Elevators in Ayana Resort Jimbaran

All elevators in the hotel were installed by LG Elevators in the mid 1990s, with the exception of the inclined elevator in the Rock Bar which was installed in 2009.

  • ​2 LG elevators (south wing), serving 1 to L
  • 2 LG service elevators (south wing), serving 1 to L
  • 2 LG elevators (north wing), serving 1, 2, L, 4
  • 2 LG service elevators (north wing), serving 1, 2, L, 4
  • 1 Access Automation inclined machine room less elevator (Rock Bar)